California Wildfires

Andrew Hutcheson and Ava Harvey

Three separate wildfires were started on October 11, the Saddleridge fire, Sandalwood fire, and the Reche fire. The fires started at about 9 pm. These three fires cover a combined total of 9,350 acres, with the Saddleridge fire covering over 8,000 acres. 100,000 thousand people have been forced to evacuate their homes because of these fires. With the Reche fire 100% contained and the Sandalwood fire 86% contained, the main focus of the firefighters is on the Saddleridge fire. Since the winds are dying down with the arrival an onshore weather pattern, firefighters are taking advantage of the slower winds and containing any remaining parts of the fires.   

The Saddleridge wildfire has burned about 7,965 acres. It has destroyed 23 structures and damaged 17 structures. There was a smoke advisory for people with sensitive health conditions. It broke out in red-flag conditions. The cause of the Saddleridge wildfire is unknown. The Sandalwood wildfire started in Calimesa when a trash truck dumped trash that was fiery. The cause of the Reche wildfire is still unknown.