The Demand for Skilled Jobs

Andrew Hutcheson

In the last few years the number of people continuing on to college has increased greatly. This has made it where there are fewer and fewer people training in skilled jobs. An example of a skilled job is an electrician or plumber. These jobs do not require for a person to go to college, instead, you become an apprentice to someone already employed in the trade you wish to do, and work with them for a set amount of years until you are done. After you finish your apprenticeship, you receive a national industry certification, this certification is applicable anywhere in the United States. Another benefit of working a skilled job is they make a very good amount of money, with some workers making more than 100,000 dollars.  The need for skilled job workers in the U.S. is great, with an estimated 3 million jobs remain vacant, so instead of going to college, consider apprenticing in a skilled job instead.