Weather Report for our Winter

Triston Berry

This winter, the weather will not be as chilly as typical winters. Above average precipitation will come in the form of ice, clouds, and rain. December temperatures will average around 54°. That’s only 1° above normal. The precipitation is 2.5” below average. Temperatures for January will be approximately 55°, only 5° above average. Precipitation looks like it will be 3”, only 1” above average. Please remember, this is just a prediction.


Dates Weather Conditions
Dec 1-4 Snow north, rain south
Dec 5-11 Sunny, mild, then cold
Dec 12-17 Scattered showers, turning warm
Dec 18-26 Rainy periods, cool, then mild
Dec 27-31 Sunny, cool, then mild


Dates Weather Conditions
Jan 1-2 Sunny, mild
Jan 3-7 Rain to snow, turning cold
Jan 8-15 Showers, then sunny, mild
Jan 16-22 Rain, then sunny, warm
Jan 23-28 Rainy, turning cooler
Jan 29-31 Sunny, cold