PG vs Paris

Krystian Wrightner

On December 5, the PGMS Boys Basketball played against Paris at PG Middle School. The 7th grade B lost with a final score of 29-14. The top scorer was Malachi Vaughn with 5 points. 7th grade A team lost with a score of 42-30. The top scorer was Lance Jackson with 10 points. The 8th grade PGMS boys basketball team played their first game of the season  and their 0-1 in district. The 8th grade Pleasant Grove Middle School Hawks basketball team played the first game of the season against the Paris Junior High School Wildcats in Paris, Texas. The PGMS B team lost with a score of 25-19 with Andrew Hutcheson scoring 9 points. The PGMS 8th A team game won with a score of 35-33 with Jaylen Boardley and Brenton Clark both scoring 10 points each. We asked Jaylen Boardley, A team player, what he feels about the sport. “To be the best you have to put your heart and soul into it. Work hard. Play hard.” Jaylen said. Pleasant Grove is currently 1-0 in district play.