Solar and Wind Power

Andrew Hutcheson

According to the Institute of Energy Economic and Financial Analysis, The U.S. will likely get more power from renewable energy than coal in 2021. The main reason for this is the huge growth in solar and wind power in the last few years. The increase cheap natural gas energy sources has also caused the coal industry to plummet. 

 For year after year, coal provided almost all of the energy for the U.S, but in the last decade, cheap natural gas has caused a decline in coal usage. In 2016 natural gas passed coal up as the leader of energy production, according to the US Energy Information Administration. As many of the U.S. power companies shut down their coal production, they are replacing them with wind and solar farms. In Texas, wind power has already passed coal. With coal becoming less and less of a prominent source of energy, some people are criticising the rise of renewable resources. This rise in renewable resources has caused many questions on the next move for the coal industry, and how the energy industry will continue to change.