Package Thieves

Andrew Hutcheson


Every year, more and more people are starting to shop online. As they order items online, the packages delivered to their doorstep. Although this is very convenient, it also comes with some risks. Some people, called package thieves, are stealing packages off of homeowners doorstep before they realize they are even there. This problem is becoming more and more widespread as 11 million homeowners have had a package stolen last year, according to August Home and a study produced by research firm Edelman Intelligence. Although the best way to stop this problem is to arrest all the people stealing, that would be extremely difficult. The most logical thing to do to save yourselves from these thieves is to tell amazon, or whatever website you are buying the package from, to hold the package at one of their facilities. Another thing you can do is order the package to an address of someone you trust, and that you know will be home when it is delivered, so there is no way it can get stolen.