PGMS Gazette

Ava Harvey

The PGMS Gazette is an online student newspaper for Pleasant Grove Middle School. When reading the PGMS Gazette, you will find the latest news in Texarkana, and the scoop from recent sports games. You will also find photos from events happening around Pleasant Grove Middle School. Here is some more insight on the PGMS Gazette staff.


Some people may think that the only things that go into sports articles are the scores; however, the PGMS Gazette Sports Staff puts a lot of work into their sports articles. They cover everything from what made the Pleasant Grove win or lose the game to a quote from PG’s top scorer of the game. Also, the PGMS sports staff covers all of PGMS’ sports games. That includes, volleyball, football, cross country, girls basketball, boys basketball, and track. This shows how much work the PGMS Gazette Sports Staff puts in to their sports articles. 


Not only does the sports staff put in a ton of work for the newspaper, the news staff does too. They cover recent events at PGMS, in Texarkana, and even around the world. News staff also plan, research, and interview people for their articles. The PGMS Gazette News Staff puts a ton of time and effort into their articles. 


The PGMS Gazette Photography Staff is also very dedicated to the newspaper. They go to sports games, and they also go around school and catch some great moments of PGMS students. In conclusion, all of the PGMS Gazette Staff puts a whole lot of time into their work for the digital newspaper. Come and check out the PGMS Gazette!