Andrew Hutcheson

The new outbreak of Coronavirus in China was caused by a member of the Coronavirus Family that has never been encountered before. This virus came from animals, like many other Coronaviruses. Over 130 people have died from the virus around the world, with cases of the virus confirmed in 10 other countries besides China. As the virus continues to grow, many are wondering how quickly it can spread, and how deadly it really is. Although not much is known about the virus, considering it is very new, it said to cause pneumonia, and in the most severe cases, organ failure. Even though the severe cases of the virus are very deadly, most people that get the virus just suffer from a mild cold.      

This mysterious virus has caused the stock market to plummet with investors fearing what the virus could do. Dow went down 500 points by monday morning because of the virus’s affects.  With many questions still hanging the air over the new outbreak of Coronavirus, scientists are working hard to answer as many of them as possible and create a vaccine for the virus.

On Thursday the State Department warned Americans not to travel to China in less it is absolutely necessary. This came after the World Health Organization announced the outbreak as a global health emergency to try and get more resources and global