Iowa Caucuses

Andrew Hutcheson

A Caucus is a different way of voting from the normal, primary voting system most states use today. During a caucus, a group of supporters for a political party meet in one place and choose the candidate they believe should win. If the candidate they vote for doesn’t receive 15 percent of the vote, they can vote for their second choice for the position. 

In Iowa, voters met at 1,679 precincts, or meeting places, where they casted their votes. The result of the Iowa Caucus put Pete Buttigieg in first, Bernie Sanders in second, Elizabeth Warren in third, and Joe Biden in fourth. Pete Buttugieg and Bernie Sanders were very close, with Buttigieg winning by 0.1%. The Iowa Caucus was very important because it was the very first vote for the democratic candidate for president. After the very close end to the voting, both Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders called or a recount of the votes.