Mrs.Gibson (left) and Mrs.Peek(right) are all smiles at a Pleasant Grove game.

Blakely Duke

This week, I interviewed one of the 8th grade science teachers, Mrs.Gibson. Who happens to be in her 11th year of teaching, all at Pleasant Grove Middle School.  She was asked questions about her favorite and least favorite lesson, how many lessons there are, and what projects are most exciting. Then, I asked her a few personal questions about herself, like how long she’s been teaching, and what her favorite part about teaching is. Mrs. Gibson reported that currently students are in the middle of a space unit. This happens to be her favorite lesson. “It’s my favorite because we don’t know a lot about space and its new to a lot of kids,” said Mrs. Gibson. The unit about force is her least favorite. It’s her least favorite because it has a lot of math. There are 8 units that 8th grade science covers throughout the year, but they also review material from 6th and 7th grade. One of her other favorite things about teaching, is getting to know students and creating fun activities.